Urological Plasters For Male Health

  • Alleviates groin pain and prostatitis*
  • Helps for easy and painless urination*
  • Increases sex drive and performance duration*
  • Promotes harder erections*
  • Has beneficial effects on erectile dysfunction and impotence*
1 plaster can be used mutiple times within 72 hours. You can remove the plaster when you take a shower, and then apply it to the skin again.
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What is ProstaPlast?

ProstaPlast is a set of urological plasters that help to alleviate pain in the groin and scrotum, get rid of frequent urination, enhance male potency and stamina, and achieve erections whenever you need them.* The plasters are applied to the skin. This allows continuous and stable supply of herbal compounds to the relevant parts of the body, improving their functioning.*

How to use ProstaPlast?

First, carefully wash your navel area with warm water. Then take one ProstaPlast plastir out of the box and remove the protective sticker from the active layer of the plaster. Apply the plaster with the active layer facing downwards directly to your navel area. Leave it stuck to your skin for 72 hours.* Then, repeat the procedure with the next plaster after 24 hours.* For sustainable results, perform the procedure several times.*